Hi! My name is Barry and I create YouTube videos on bushcraft,
camping, fly tying, hunting, fishing and all my outdoor adventures!

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Join me as I put various bushcraft skills and knowledge to the test and experience a primitive life style in the Newfoundland wilderness.

Backcountry Camping & Hiking

Watch me as I stay overnight in the Newfoundland backcountry, sleeping in shelters such as lean-tos, tarp shelters, hot tents and my favorite, a Polish Army Lavvu.

Newfoundland Hunting & Fishing

Hunting & fishing in Newfoundland is an amazing. Moose, black bears, coyotes, ducks, the adventure never stops. Lets not forget the fishing! Trout and salmon, tight lines!?

Fly Tying

With twenty plus years of fly tying experience I provide you with fly tying tutorials, tips and some of the greatest trout and salmon fly patterns.

Latest Videos

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Black Silver Tip - Atlantic Salmon Fly Pattern
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My Plans - Chainsaw Maintenance - Backyard Projects
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Channel Update! Newfie Outdoorsman is NOW Barry Langdon Outdoors
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